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We help you in any exercise relating to the internal and external development of your organization. For you and with you, we conduct studies for the development of your services, your teams, your managerial practices and the optimization of a learning and creativity environment.

Our job is to find methodical and practical solutions to turn difficulties into opportunities so that your business can flourish.

EUROBOGEN offers effective consultancy in the field of change, talent development, training and the realization of the “Learning Organization”.

Areas of intervention


Whether short-term, over several days or as part of a longer career path, all of our training courses can be provided in several languages, nationally and internationally. The seminars are available inter and intra-company. All training is adaptable in content and duration according to your current learning needs.
Practicing ``tailor-made``, we support you on the themes of your choice beyond the catalog, in your sectors on other continents or during meetings with your international partners.
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An evaluation can be done mid-term or at the end of a project. Continuously, this is monitoring. Impact assessment studies the effects months or even years after the project is closed. An evaluation is also planned upstream, integrated into the definition of objectives, key figures, criteria for change, required evidence and the way in which this will be collected, processed, interpreted and presented to decision-makers. The evaluation report allows the Client to understand the entire field and the current issues and thus to judge whether his program or project should adapt to new circumstances.
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Peace Expertise

Peace is a fundamental aspect of the EUROBOGEN cabinet. It is part of the DNA of the company. Whether it is training, assessments or other services, every service is intrinsically linked with peace. The theme of peace, in itself, is the subject of two training courses over a period of six weeks each. It is about the development of peace skills in the performance of professional functions. For humanitarian and development NGOs, skills relating to peace are essential for field teams and for transferring knowledge and support to beneficiary populations.
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Facilitation - or animation - is a public communication profession that also involves training, mediation, group coaching and events. EUROBOGEN consultants, experts in the management of large groups, are at your disposal for solutions adapted to your strategic intentions towards your stakeholders.
Facilitation is the animation of an important event in the life of the establishment. It is a meeting with attributes of information, participation and learning.
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Customer satisfaction


Innovative intervention methods

methodes d'interventions

Good cooperation practices

Constantly watching over the most efficient teaching methods and the most comprehensive assessment tools, our services use and teach best practices in the fields of management, learning and project management in line with societal changes. topical.

Collective intelligence, personal development

Particularly rooted in collaborative methods, the interventions open up the possibility for participants to take responsibility for the methods and co-conduct of educational events. A learning path or a group project, while having a solid basic framework, also offers the flexibility of adaptation by the people themselves, whose skills and choices evolve during the intervention.

Systemic approach

When a client establishment wishes to optimize its organization, through a pedagogical approach of training, facilitation or evaluation, the situation is taken into account as completely as possible: the history, the present situation, the formulation of objectives, internal interactions, external challenges, the means implemented, the attitude and skills of the people. Levers of positive change are sought after, particularly those that will cause virtuous and multiple impacts in the entire system.

Diversity management

Dedicated to the development of good governance, equity and organizational justice, EUROBOGEN provides training on intercultural, inter-gender and intergenerational management. Good diversity management, in prevention or in conflict management, is essential for an organization to be a leader in its field, recognized for human engineering where values are alive and shared on a daily basis.

EUROBOGEN, certified training center

EUROBOGEN is referenced Datadock, the French database on vocational training from a quality perspective. It allows funders of vocational training to verify
compliance of ...
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Qualiopi attests to the quality of the process implemented by our educational projects, our process administration and our verification of results. Everything contributes to the development of ...
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The PeaceAbility label, patented at European level, indicates the section dedicated to themes relating to Peace. A long-term training course with modules adaptable to ministries, NGOs and companies is ...
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Sustainable Development Goal 16 is to promote the emergence of peaceful and inclusive societies for the purposes of sustainable development, ensure access to justice for all and establish, at all levels ...
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No. 17 is the second lens chosen by EUROBOGEN to infuse all of its external services and internal processes. It is through partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society that ...
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