Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

The international norm ISO 26000 is the historical outcome of harmonization between different approaches to define and operationalize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is a generic norm applicable to any type of organization. The methodology starts with the identification of responsibilities of the establishment as an entity as well as that of all direct and indirect stakeholders as groups and individuals. A matrix of factual data and human participation enables a constructive dialogue towards continuous improvement. The triad of “environmental, social and economic” helps to stabilize and balance activities, efforts and expenditures towards policies and practices of sustainability.

Working with the ISO 26000 begins with a selection of criteria for improvement in the three domains (social, economic, environmental) to be determined along the chains of purchase, production, sales and after-sales as well as in the relations with sub-contractors and other partners. The company positions itself as regards its intention to improve (in which domains, in which manner, by when) – with a view to do as little harm and as much good as possible through all its business dealings.


The ISO 26000 evaluation follows qualitatively and quantitatively the intentions, activities and results of the enterprise according to key questions and specific criteria previously defined. The EUROBOGEN consultants evaluate via observation, dialogue with internal and external stakeholders and the study of documents, dashboard KPIs, grids and statistics. Proof is required to show positive development in organizational and operational processes.

Consultants evaluate, for example: good governance, respect of Human Rights, reduction of polluting agents, consumer protection, fairness of commercial practices and solidarity with the local community.

The norm ISO 26000 submits for the validation of an evaluation and not a certification.


The EUROBOGEN consultants are also university lecturers. They place the subjects of Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility at the heart of all courses and seminars.