Eurobogen Formation management transversal

Transversal management complements line management. Transversality makes it possible to work across departments – mostly on projects or strategic change that require interdisciplinary expertise.

Cross-sectional functionality brings the units of an organisation to work together in a dynamic, transparent and agile way, where all participants benefit from increased knowledge transfer. Teams develop collective intelligence and achieve common goals in a complex environment.

  • Transversality: context, structures, complexity
  • Matrix architecture: functions, operations, decision-making levels, processes
  • Organisational planning via matrices and networks
  • Horizontal communication
  • Challenges of transversal management and leadership
  • Technical and organisational concerns
  • Early identification and resolution of relational conflicts
  • Management without hierarchical authority
  • Productivity management in an external network
  • Quality and continuous improvement in transversal management
  • Learning the differences and complementarities between hierarchical and transversal management
  • Establishing conditions for effective cross-sectional management
  • Developing sustainable cooperation with parties from different units and geographical locations as well as with external partners
  • Increasing persuasiveness to motivate people from different departments
  • Leading without relying on hierarchical authority

Rich and flexible training design: theoretical input, discussions, reflection and sharing of experience, role-plays and simulations, practical exercises.

Evaluation of training impact:     

  • Short-term impact: at the end of the training
  • Long-term impact: 3 months after the training

Evaluation of acquired knowledge:    

  • Self-evaluation with a skills inventory
  • Questionnaire at the end of the training

Certificate: EUROBOGEN certificate of participation


  • Pre-condition: Basic knowledge of management
  • Audience: This training is intended for people who have been promoted as team leaders or managers.