You would like to stay within the same institution but move to a new area of activity? Do you wish to move up a level, change location or function yet remain in the same company? Do you think you could better fulfil your potential in a new position or a particular unit?

This training will prepare you for an internal interview with one persone or a panel.

You will understand the internal recruitment process, match your aspirations with the reality of current mobility and study the new job description. You will use all your talents to convince that your wished-for vertical or lateral development is a clear advantage for the institution as much as it is for you.

  • A one-minute pitch
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Analysis of the job advertisement
  • The fit between the job, the institution and you
  • Different interview models
  • Competence and aptitude approach
  • The interview process
  • Classic questions
  • Expressing motivation
  • Dealing with unconventional questions
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication during the interview
  • A panel of 3-4 interviewers: who are they and what are they looking for?
  • Interview simulations
  • Feedback and discussion
  • Possibility of video recording
  • Showing a thorough understanding of the position and its role inside the firm
  • Demonstrating a match between the position, personal and professional skills and benefits to the organisation
  • Highlighting personal achievements
  • Explaining motivations
  • Using simple and effective interview techniques
  • Choosing vocabulary carefully
  • Using professional and convincing body language
  • Flowing with the phases and rhythm of an interview
  • Controlling one’s own emotions (nervousness, hope…)

Before the training, participants are asked to prepare:

  • A presentation about themselves and the reasons for applying.
  • Their understanding of the position to be filled.
  • A list of their relevant knowledge areas and professionals skills matching the selected position.

Rich and flexible training design: theoretical input, discussions, reflection and sharing of experience, role-plays and simulations, practical exercises.

Evaluation of training impact 

  • Short-term impact: at the end of the training
  • Long-term impact: 3 months after the training

Evaluation of acquired skills    

  • Self-evaluation with a skills inventory
  • Questionnaire at the end of the training

Certificate:  EUROBOGEN certificate
of participation