An evaluation is an essential tool for analysing the performance of a project and its long-term impact. Pre-planned in the project design, it enables the selection of appropriate criteria to make relevant judgements throughout the process and evidence-based decisions for the future.

Evaluation is a research tool to assess the effectiveness of a programme or a process aiming to install a change within an organisation or in society. The quantitative components of the evaluation provide numbers, statistics and trends. The qualitative components deliver narratives and case studies, giving socio-historical meaning to the numbers.

  • Including evaluation in planning
  • Desk research and treatment of basic documents (charters, contracts, specifications, reports, logical framework, theory of change, …)
  • Management of schedule, phases and feedback loops
  • Evaluation as a tool for knowledge generation and process management
  • Selection of IT tools
  • Typology and mapping of stakeholders
  • Levels of stakeholder collaboration
  • OECD methodology (relevance, coherence, efficiency, effectiveness, impact and sustainability)
  • Decision support: decision tree using evidence-based data
  • Evaluation of the learning process
  • Evaluation along the results chain
  • Linking the quantitative with the qualitative in report writing
  • Designing evaluation components fitting the objectives of a project or programme
  • Planning monitoring, final and impact evaluations
  • Selecting pertinent indicators
  • Comparing and interpreting baseline and target values
  • Conducting quantitative and qualitative elements of evaluations

Rich and flexible training design: theoretical input, discussions, reflection and sharing of experience, role-plays and simulations, practical exercises.

Evaluation of training impact:     

  • Short-term impact: at the end of the training
  • Long-term impact: 3 months after the training

Evaluation of acquired knowledge:    

  • Self-evaluation with a skills inventory
  • Questionnaire at the end of the training

Certificate: EUROBOGEN certificate of participation

  • No pre-conditions
  • All audiences