Manager une equipe

You are already a team leader and know the company well. Your employees appreciate you. You are very familiar with the daily tasks, processes and challenges. It’s official, you’re moving up: you’re becoming a manager.

This means that you are responsible for concrete and financial results of your unit and that the radius of your obligations and accountabilities increase. Not only do you remain a source of motivation for your teams, but you also become an authority figure who conducts annual reviews and who is legally responsible for the safety and target fulfilment of the work.

Welcome to line management!

  • History of management and key concepts
  • Process management (input, transformation, output)
  • People management (personalities, expectations, motivation, talent development)
  • Continuous improvement: a fundamental managerial concern
  • Role of manager (good governance); role of leader (good direction); role of representation (good attitude)
  • Legal aspects: Labour Law for Managers
  • Communication as the manager’s essential means to achieve common goals
  • Methods of dealing with people-related problems
  • Methods of dealing with problems related to practices or processes
  • Accompanying your staff along their career
  • The manager as mediator in organisational dilemmas
  • Understanding specific tasks and challenges of line management
  • Planning actions strategically
  • Selecting appropriate tools according to functions
  • Establishing mutually beneficial working relationships with other managers
  • Building positive relationships with staff
  • Applying the right leadership style depending on the situation

Rich and flexible training design: theoretical input, discussions, reflection and sharing of experience, role-plays and simulations, practical exercises.

Evaluation of training impact:     

  • Short-term impact: at the end of the training
  • Long-term impact: 3 months after the training

Evaluation of acquired knowledge:    

  • Self-evaluation with a skills inventory
  • Questionnaire at the end of the training

Certificate: EUROBOGEN certificate of participation

  • No pre-conditions
  • All audiences