EUROBOGEN consultants are at your service for large-size meetings and summits, behind closed doors/face-to-face or over networks/digital. Services cover:

  • Keynote speaker
  • Conference-speaker
  • Master of ceremonies and facilitator of debates/dialogues
  • Educational input at business events
  • Management of forums with 100-400 delegates (back office and front stage).
Eurobogen - Hackathon


For Hackathons of 40-120 people, EUROBOGEN assists you in the operationalization of your educational objectives and the expected results. The technical, organizational and thematic process is judiciously prepared beforehand, supervised and conducted during the event, and then evaluated and reported on after its closure. EUROBOGEN consultants can take on the role of team coach during the Hackathon.


Participatory methods are increasingly popular in all sectors. The equitable contribution between all team members helps to create an open atmosphere, shared creativity and results that everyone can accept. Collective intelligence becomes real during work sessions where people use common tools recognized for their analytical logic, their methodological consistency and their respect for individual thinking styles.
In World Cafés, large groups are divided into small groups that analyse, research and discuss themes – often “problems”. The solutions are found in co-construction while changing the teams and moving around the room at a certain pace. This movement operates according to principles of systemic organization and without chaotic confusion. These methods are used in project management, for example AGILE in engineering or VIPP for development projects.


EUROBOGEN acts as a conference organizer and inter-group intermediary. For consortia with several major stakeholders, we are a rallying point and mediator for meetings, acting as “Learning Officers” to extract and highlight the “lessons learned” during and after joint efforts.
Services can also include mediation interventions and peace conferences.