For corporate clients of all sizes at all sites, EUROBOGEN delivers services in five main areas.

  1. Training & Public Events

According to the French repositories Datadock and Qualiopi, all EUROBOGEN in-house and public training programs are recognized as fully aligned with the quality certifications.

Future participants interested in widening their knowledge and acquiring experience can request any training program directly or via their HR service, as individuals or as groups. This is true for career paths as well as for personal development.

Our website enables an interface between client  requests and immediate propositions.

Among public events, whether within a corporate community or for an open and mixed public, we provide topical conferences, Learning over Lunch events, Hackathons, World Cafés and Master Classes.


  1. Evaluations

During a project, a program or a period of change initiated by a company, the management may wish for an external view by a impartial third-party that will provide an evaluation of the process and impact of its operations. Such evaluation can take place during the program (monitoring) or at the end (final evaluation/impact evaluation).

An evaluation can be participative and include open contributions by stakeholders or it can be more discrete, focusing more on document analysis and observation.  Based on qualitative and quantitative methods, the objective of the evaluation is to demonstrate if the goals of the project have actually been reached, to which extent and in which way. The report provides facts, analyses, interpretations and recommendations, based on which the concerned persons will be able to make decisions as to the continuation, the adjustment or the stoppage of their undertaking.


  1. Accompaniment/coaching

The EUROBOGEN consultants are experts in international project management. They accompany local and international teams to help ensure a dynamic equilibrium between operational tasks, human relations, continuous improvement, profitability and the development of talents.

Accompaniment can occur at any level: feasibility study, kick-off event, transnational transfer of competences, half-way evaluation, intervention in case of difficulty or conflict, or concluding “lessons learned” event.

At individual level for managers, accompaniment is similar to Coaching.


  1. ISO 26000 (Societal Responsibility norm)

EUROBOGEN conducts public seminars on the Corporate Societal Responsibility of companies. We refer to the Global Compact of the United Nations, the 17 Sustainable Development Goals for the year 2030, the GRI criteria and grids, and other qualifying and quantifying tools. The aim is to help companies understand the principles and select the methods of engagement towards environmental, social and economic sustainability for the benefit of all internal and concerned stakeholders. A partial or full evaluation according to the Norm ISO 26000 can be conducted inside the Client’s enterprise.


  1. Partnerships

EUROBOGEN acts as interface between diverse institutions, enterprises, administrations, foundations, educational establishments and actors of civil society. Applying best-practices in the field of cooperation and participation, our consultancy gathers the newest trends in collective intelligence to help solutions emerge in order to face today’s complex problems.

Beyond reflection and analysis, concrete projects can materialize from such gatherings, later driven by the participants. Often, the topic of peace runs through the exploration as a significant motivator. Indeed, EUROBOGEN aims to contribute to two of the Sustainable Development Goals: N°16 (Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions) and N°17 (Partnerships for the achievement of the all 17 goals).