EUROBOGEN is a Franco-German firm operating in some 30 countries. It provides training, consulting and evaluations to private and public companies keen to demonstrate sustainable development. Our key competences relate to Human Engineering in a context of organisational effectiveness. One particular field of work is the support towards social cohesion and economic redress in post-conflict regions.


  • Development and implementation of change programmes and training.
    Workshops, seminars, meeting and conference facilitation, certificate courses.
    E-learning solutions, digital follow-up after a face-to-face workshop.
    Organisation of public debates and dialogues.
    Coaching of consortia and their global teams.
    Coaching of managers.
    Interventions and mediation in conflict situations, creation of Ombudspersons.
    Facilitation of multilateral diplomacy.
    Evaluation of programmes and projects.
    Research, studies, reports.


  • International institutions (Council of Europe, OECD, United Nations)
  • International corporations (Airbus, SAP, Oracle)
  • NGOs (Caritas, Missionszentrale der Franziskaner)
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry  (Germany, China)
  • Ministries of governments (Nepal)
  • Universities and Business Schools (France, Mexico, Japan, Austria).


It is possible to create a world where business guarantees livelihood, government assures security and the civil body institutes peace in diversity – for all localities – based on shared intentions, competences and resources.


We accompany businesses, governments, NGOs and educational institutions in implementing long-term solutions. Their organizational success in turn contributes to developing a sustainable global civilization based on enhanced diversity.

Adhering to the principle of the “Triple Bottom Line”, we seek a positive balance between the economic, social and environmental dimensions of organizations. Corporate social responsibility, good governance and redistributive justice are central to our trainings’ endeavours. We support the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, among other initiatives. Doing well and doing good, intelligence and wisdom, progress and sustainability are the background upon which we implement – together with our clients – pertinent solutions.



Expertise for our clients

We started as a provider of communication training for international corporations. Following our clients’ concerns to manage their cross-border projects, we created intercultural programs for engineers, managers and civil servants. Within the first decade, we were facilitating international meetings, translating negotiations, mediating between conflict parties, organizing study tours, and conducting hundreds of workshops, individual coaching and group training sessions. For this expansive mutual learning, we thank our clients who have given us their trust.

Our international client base today is a network of actors who seek to cooperate and face the challenges of the 21st century. Increasingly, in a framework of mutual accountability, they affirm their business and operations on foundations of Peace – strategically and operationally.

We have placed Peace as a key tenet at the heart of our consultancy. EUROBOGEN staff goes in post-conflict and in-conflict regions, adapting the skills of education, facilitation and evaluation to the context and the language of each region. From there, we help build bridges of comprehension and positive action with the local populations as well as with potential business partners in more stable countries. This is part of the answer to forced migration.

The unending cycles of crises – which are human-made – can be averted, diverted and transformed. Sustainable and fair systems can be developed and dilemmas reduced. EUROBOGEN is dedicated to meeting local and global challenges in a creative and sustainable manner, working with partners from different fields, who, likewise, see themselves as solution-providers.

Generally speaking, our clients come to us because they want to improve their management of human relations – the cornerstones of the organisational systems for which they are responsible.

Our clients are affected by the recurrence of crises. In search of mechanisms to avoid, deflect and transform the causes of these crises, we work together on concrete solutions in each of their areas of action. We share a common vision to develop equitable and sustainable systems and to reduce the dilemmas of growth and social injustice.

EUROBOGEN’s mission is to respond to local and global challenges by accompanying and supporting actors who have, by virtue of their mandate and raison d’être, the responsibility to provide economic, political and social solutions. We aim to be useful to them.


The Global Village, a term coined by communication theorist M. McLuhan, is a fitting metaphor to describe how connected and interdependent our nations are. It tells of the finite ecological system that depends on each person’s sustainable way of living. The village presumes an assessable size where everyone knows each other and decisions are taken swiftly by and for all villagers. Global, if removing hegemony, suggests that the manifold population groups contribute and have access to the fruits of one shared civilization – while retaining their cultural diversity.

At EUROBOGEN, we address the contradictions of universalism versus localism with creative methods. Our training programs promote global systems that enable the diversity of cultures. A body of international laws with mutual accountability across borders can accommodate for pluralistic systems – themselves reflecting conscious choices made by the local populations.

This explains why our clients are from diverse fields: business (production and trade), civil society (foundations and NGOs in humanitarian and development fields, UN Agencies and Missions), governments (ministries and international organizations), and education (universities and business schools). Indeed, these actors are related in their strategic and operational efforts, their codes of ethics, their vision of a better world, and their tasks. They are increasingly working together, and we help them do that.


The EUROBOGEN team is composed of consultants, evaluators, trainers and facilitators who work in English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Arabic and more languages. They are experts in their field with extensive backgrounds in international projects.

Some have a strong academic background, others bring extensive knowledge of social projects, others still have managed industrial programs worldwide. They all adhere to the philosophy of the firm and use the educational and transformative approach advocated by EUROBOGEN.

The competences of our consultants enable us to present you with a portfolio that is broad and adaptable. In the design and delivery of services, we align your business needs, the core skills of the selected trainers, and the methods most appropriate to bring your solutions forward. The effectiveness of the services is monitored and evaluated.

Thanks to this pool of knowledge and experience, we will provide you with pertinent, value-adding educational and change programs. Let us know your requirements, your goals, and the progress you wish to see. Our first meeting is always free of charge. Whether you need long-term development, mid-term support accompaniment or short-term interventions, tell us your aimed-for outcome and we will send you a proposition.

Your success matters to us.


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