Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility (CR) is an all-encompassing term that links profit-making enterprises to the direct consequences of their actions upon the natural and human environments. Taking its roots in a multitude of movements such as ecology, social equality and fair trade, CR has come a long way to now occupy a central concern in corporate life.

CR is translated into specific and measurable indicators. These measures help enterprises to streamline their processes for the best possible outcomes as regards environmental health, social equity and good governance in general. Companies cannot afford to ignore this evolution and have to integrate such holistic perspective and practice into their managerial decisions and behaviours.

It is essential for any company to know its actual impact upon its surrounding systems. Should the CR audit show that one profitable aspect on the one hand causes harm on the other, then it is possible to remedy to it.

This seminar portrays the origin and evolution of Corporate Responsibility, the systems and measures used to incorporate it into the business, the partners involved inside and outside the firm, and the various ways to go about CR in accordance with the industry sector.

This seminar covers:

  • Origins and evolution of CR
  • CR today and its main components
  • Measurability, criteria and indicators
  • CR reporting
  • GRI and the Global Compact
  • OECD, ISO and other references
  • Various levels of CR engagement
  • The profitable firm of tomorrow that does no harm
  • Social entrepreneurship.