Civil Sector & (I)NGOs: Diversity

Multicultural Competence

This seminar is for INGO staff working with many different cultures. Participants come to appreciate similarities and differences, strengths and sensitivities, behaviors and reactions based on cultural heritage and social upbringing. It also helps to recognize what is at play if misunderstandings occur. In case of relationship problems due to differences, participants learn to build intercultural bridges between one another. They simulate typical situations that would lead to difficulties, circumventing these by establishing meta-cultural connections. These intercultural skills have on the one hand generic, universal foundations, and on the other elements that are uniquely appropriated to each culture.

This program combines NGO/organizational, national and local cultures. We study values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors comparatively. Understanding and practice of diversity helps participants increase their professional efficacy. We analyze the main cultural streams in the world today and the behavioral and thinking skills necessary for global NGO-worker.

Topics include:

  • Similarities and differences
  • Potential areas of conflict
  • Biases, psychological transfers and projections
  • Common and divergent historical heritage
  • Territorial identity, subcultures
  • Folk identity, values, belief systems
  • Attitudes at work, managerial and employee behaviors
  • Intercultural communication – universal and local
  • Working together: negotiating, cooperating and building trust.